Photo of the Week : Lauren & Jeremy in the snow


There are so many photos that I post on this blog that I think some photos that deserve more attention often gets overlooked.

In an effort to draw attention to some of these photos, I’m starting a Photo of the Week series. This series will be an opportunity to highlight a moment, a story, a memory, or simply just a photo that I like. It could be a photo that I’ve already posted in the past or a photo that I never posted.

I’m kicking it off with a photo from Lauren and Jeremy’s wedding. It was by far the most unique and original wedding I’ve ever been a part of. The snow storm hit in the morning of the wedding and we took advantage of it by getting some fun pictures in the snow.

wedding photos in the snow

I also started a Photo of the Week series on, including breakdowns of how the images were taken with some photo tips.

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